I am so mad wtf!!!!!
If I don’t like a fuckin bitch and i asked and even said the first time I don’t appreciate my boyfriend talking to her, then why the bitch text him for to let him know she just seen him at the gas station, and why he respond for. The fuck!!!
I don’t like females like that, I’ve been betrayed by them way too many fucking times, but if a hoe can’t acknowledge me as his girlfriend when I am standing with him and not even say hi, but yet have an attitude on her face, well shit then I don’t like you. I am the one that’s fucking new to this area. And the least he can do is fucking respect me, but clearly he doesn’t. Wait I forgot hed rather have shit his way, as long as he’s right, im not even allowed to be mad, the fuck. God so irritating. For someone to bring me 3,000 miles from my home just to hurt me, and push me away. I can’t even let my anger out cause he don’t wanna hear it, the fuck happened to the person who wanted to keep me around. The person that fuckin cared. Oh and to lie straight to my face when I ask delete her number then and he says he did, I ask so let me see it, then he goes and deletes it, which I don’t believe he still did. The fuck. God so fucking dead, for someone to only make mr angry and create hate. I’m done man so tired of my feelings not to even be cared for. And I mention in the car im hungry, he comes on the room with two sandwiches for himself, this morning I went to get food when he was sleeping but I made him his favorite sandwiches, last week even after that night of fighting the next morning though im still mad I brought him cereal, his response “you chose to do that” okay so I see which ones of us cares about the other more. He says actions speak louder then words but yet ain’t showing me shit. No he’d rather lose me. Am I that worthless the fuck.

i am the problem you can’t fix. - (via strawberrytelle)